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i walked in a desert (Cracks fanfic)

Title: i walked in a desert
Word Count: ~1,000 words
Rating: T
Summary: Things would have been different and yet the same, she knows, without her. Di reflects in exile.
Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own Cracks. The poem used in the text is from Rilke's Sonnets to Orpheus.
A/N: God, I haven't written Cracks fic for... eight months??? Far too long. Anyway, here goes my little fic...

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Lucrezia - Borgia

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1-13 Misc Movies
(Sucker Punch, The Way Back, Mr.Nobody, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter)
14-18 Cracks
19-22 Misc TvShows
(Sherlock, True Blood)
23-27 Sirens
28-31 The Tudors
32-40 Misc Dramas
(The Return Of Iljimae, Tamra The Island, The Princess's Man, Warrior Baek Dong Soo)
40-45 City Hunter

Heavenly Creatures

Books and films similar to Cracks?

I saw the movie Cracks a few months ago and fell in love, and I finished the book today. Both were lovely, and I'm looking for things similar to this, especially books but films too. I'm looking for other things that are just as beautiful. I really enjoy coming-of-age stories. I also particularly enjoyed the way young girls were portrayed as almost savage, totally free. Everything about the book and film were beautiful, and I'm looking for things equally as beautiful, so any suggestions are more than welcome!

I apologize for not being very coherent, I'm just kind of in a hurry today.

Thanks, darlings. <3
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when we were orphans (Cracks fanfic, movie-verse)

Title: when we were orphans
Word Count: 1,059 words
Rating: T
Summary: why do you look on us, and shake your head,/and call us wretches, orphans, castaways...? (william shakespeare)
Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own Cracks.
A/N: Slight references to the book.
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bit my pretty red heart in two (Cracks fic, movie-verse)

Title: bit my pretty red heart in two
Word Count: 846 words
Rating: T
Summary: She grows up. This is the most important thing that has happened to her in the years since her death (Di/Fiamma).
Disclaimer: I unfortunately don't own Cracks.
A/N: I haven't written Cracks fic in aaaaages, so hopefully it's good!


her bones are silent in the italian soil because only bodies tell a story.
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Cracks, Locations

Here's the picspam I put together for picspammy's latest challenge!!!

Brain twins/triplets: silkstocking
Fandom: Cracks
Topic: Locations of Cracks
"You find the school much changed?"

you find the school much changed? miss nieven asks. we evade her eyes and deflect her question.