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It was almost a sunny dance, perfectly choreographed, a lovely garland of girls!

I feel at such a distance from the rest of the world.

A "Cracks" community
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dedicated to Sheila Kohler's novel Cracks and the film starring Eva Green.
This community is dedicated to discussing Sheila Kohler's novel Cracks and the upcoming film version starring Eva Green and directed by Jordan Scott.

Miss Nievan says, "I used to like to watch you. If I saw one, I always knew where to find the others. It was almost a sunny dance, perfectly choreographed, a lovely garland of girls! You reminded me of that Matisse painting, you know the one I mean, with the blue background and all the pink figures holding hands, rising lightly into the air. There you were, swallow-diving from the high board in your black racing costumes, doing double back flips, one after another. Up, up you went into the air, light as light can be. I can almost hear the splash. You were so full of energy, enthusiasm, and life!"

Miss G is lots of girls' crack. When you have a crack you see things more clearly: the thick dark of the shadows and the transparence of the leaves in the light and the soft glow of the pink magnolia petals against the waxy leaves. You want to lie down alone in the dark in the music room and listen to Rachmaninoff and the summer rains rushing hard down the gutters. You leave notes for your crack in her mug next to her toothbrush on the shelf in the bathroom. If you accidentally brush up against your crack, and feel her boosie, you come close to fainting.
-Cracks, by Sheila Kohler

Release Dates (from IMdB)
Canada: 11 September 2009 (Toronto Film Festival)
UK: 4 December 2009
France: 30 December 2009
USA: 2010
The Netherlands: 17 June 2010

Cracks to be shown at the following film festivals:
28 November 2009: Lódz Camerimage Film Festival, Poland
January 2010: Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden
9 April 2010: AFI Dallas International Film Festival, USA
24 April 2010: San Francisco International Film Festival, USA

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